14 Sep

Top Reasons Why Bookkeeping is a Far More Exciting Career Than You Imagined!

People imagine bookkeeping, accountancy, and finance to be rather staid, stuffy, and boring careers. However, there are some elements to a career in finance and in particular bookkeeping Kent, that make it a far more exciting career than people and yourself, may have previously imagined possible!

  1. Digital Freedoms: Work Remotely

As the advent of finance and accounting software has grown and become more and more reliable, some finance professionals have found that they are more and more able to work remotely, meaning away from the physical office. Bookkeepers working in certain sectors are able to work as digital nomads, working overseas, but tending accounts for their clients in the UK. Imagine sitting on a beach while doing the figures for your clients: that is much nicer than a rainy commute and a stuffy office.

  1. A Healthy Mind Via Numbers and Figures!

Unbelievably enough, it has been scientifically proven that those who work with numbers and figures and generally exercise their minds, like accountants and bookkeepers do, actively lower their risk of developing early onset Alzheimer’s disease! How is that for a brain boosting mind game, going to work!

  1. Analyse This: Analytical Skills Are Hard to Beat

Accountants, Bookkeepers, and those who work daily with data analysis and financial concerns need to develop strong analytical skills. These analytical skills are in high demand across all sectors, not just finance. Developing these traits in bookkeeping can lead to exciting future prospects.


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