14 Dec

Tile Floor Buying Guide For Beginners

When looking for flooring for a home one has to first decide what would be best suited to the design of the house. Some of the most durable and hardwearing floor mediums are stone type material and tiles. These substances are able to stand up to the stresses of the normal household and correctly installed can last the time of the house.

Stone has a natural beauty but also a toughness that gives it a fitting place as a flooring material. Tiles have the colours, texture and patterns that are also a suitable flooring choice.  There are many types of stone materials these can include the flagstone, marble, granite, slate and a number of others. Designer tiles are a clay product produced from a firing process to harden the finished material. There is also the stone tile which is an aggregate material made from stone finished in a polymer binder. The stone tile is an alternative to the other products.

The glazed tile is much thicker than the unglazed tile used on counter tops and walls, due to processes in the firing of the tile. These tiles are available in many different colours, sheens and finishes. The glazed tile is the best tile for flooring as it is a much harder product than the unglazed tile. These tiles are water resistant, hardwearing and have a smooth surface.

Downsides may be the coldness, if wet may be slippery and are known to break fragile items dropped on them. There are many different sizes from the very small to the very large. Tile and stone can be sealed for further moisture and stain resistance. Tiles have a slipperiness rating for flooring, or friction co-efficient, which is a good idea to check before making a choice of tiles for a floor.


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