15 Dec

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Builder

When looking to hire builders in Watford for any type of construction work it is best to do some research or homework before proceeding. This research may help to find a builder who has the qualification to construct your project to a high standard in a timely and cost effective way.

A number of things that you might find worth checking are:

  • Does the builder have a licence? Only work with licensed tradespeople. An internet check will find builders with licenses.
  • Home Indemnity Insurance covers the problems that may involve death of the builder, defaulting on debt payment, or the builder disappearing before construction is completed.
  • Confirming the professional reliability of the builder by checking with a building commission relevant to your construction.
  • Is the builder from your local area? He will generally know the tradespeople in that area and will know those to hire if wanting work kept to a certain standard.
  • Have a maintenance period for correcting any problems that may arise after the construction process. A recommendation of six months for residential property and commercial property, twelve to eighteen months.
  • Supervision on the construction site helps make sure work is done to a high standard. Check about this supervision process.
  • Check with a prospective builder for viewing work he has completed in the past. This type of feedback helps with the decision of who to hire.
  • How many projects does your prospective builder have going? Your project may or may not get finished on time. Check with others who have hired the builder on construction finishing times.

The construction of any building is an investment. It can run smoothly or be an emotional and financial strain. Research and homework will help to minimise this when done properly.


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