15 Sep

First Steps to Your New Kitchen: Part Two

In our last article we looked at the first two steps in choosing your new kitchen Chichester. Namely; choose your team, and communicate your wants and needs. In this second installment we are going to run through steps three and four that you should take toward the creation of your new kitchen.

Step Three: Decide What You Want to Spend

Kitchens are expensive, that’s a widely accepted given. However, some are more expensive than others and the total cost or budget for your kitchen will, in large part, be dictated by your choices. In conjunction with your kitchen building team or contractor discuss the potential costs for your ideal kitchen, then decide what you must have and what you are able to compromise on. Consider all the possible choices, particularly when it comes to appliances such as stoves, ranges, dishwashers, and extractors. Choose what best suits your needs and be aware that choosing slightly less expensive options can considerably lower the overall costs. You should, however, aim to not compromise on quality: you want this kitchen to last for many years to come.

Step Four: Finalise The Details

Before you allow work to begin, finalise all the details of the planned kitchen with your team or contractor. Make sure that you know what to expect regarding the scheduled time to completion and the hours in which you can expect workmen to carry out work on your kitchen. Be sure that all the bases are covered and that you and your contractor are in agreement.

Enjoy your new kitchen!




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