12 Sep

Compliance Audit Checklists and Programmes

Supervisors, managers, auditors and compliance professionals will use a number of checklists and programmes during the process of launching, reviewing, controlling, assessing and auditing the main components of the corporate compliance area. These components include ethics, corporate procedures and policies, and compliance procedures and policies. The following checklists and programmes are use in compliance auditing, although they are obviously customised and reviewed before they are used in any corporate environment.

  • Corporate governance and internal control systems audit programme

This is an assessment of senior executive management procedures and practices for overseeing internal controls and monitoring corporate governance.

  • Compliance control framework assessment

This assessment covers the organisational structure to ensure it is not too complex or simple. That way the correct amount of information is getting through and activities can be monitored correctly.

  • Records management checklist

A checklist to ensure operational manuals and guidelines have been introduced and communicated to everyone in the organisation.

  • Corporate procedures and policies checklist

This checklist makes sure that compliance rules, policies, procedures and guidelines have been established and are being followed.

  • Internal audit checklist

If there is an internal audit department, this checklist is necessary.

  • Ethics management checklist

To ensure there is a code of ethics in all departments.

  • Financial management system checklist

This checklist is to ensure the organisation has either an outsourced firm such as professional accountants in Kent, or a system for organising financial data properly.

  • Corporate fraud management system checklist

Sometimes within the ethics checklist, this ensures there are statements to avoid fraud.



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