15 Sep

First Steps to Your New Kitchen: Part Two

In our last article we looked at the first two steps in choosing your new kitchen Chichester. Namely; choose your team, and communicate your wants and needs. In this second installment we are going to run through steps three and four that you should take toward the creation of your new kitchen.

Step Three: Decide What You Want to Spend

Kitchens are expensive, that’s a widely accepted given. However, some are more expensive than others and the total cost or budget for your kitchen will, in large part, be dictated by your choices. In conjunction with your kitchen building team or contractor discuss the potential costs for your ideal kitchen, then decide what you must have and what you are able to compromise on. Consider all the possible choices, particularly when it comes to appliances such as stoves, ranges, dishwashers, and extractors. Choose what best suits your needs and be aware that choosing slightly less expensive options can considerably lower the overall costs. You should, however, aim to not compromise on quality: you want this kitchen to last for many years to come.

Step Four: Finalise The Details

Before you allow work to begin, finalise all the details of the planned kitchen with your team or contractor. Make sure that you know what to expect regarding the scheduled time to completion and the hours in which you can expect workmen to carry out work on your kitchen. Be sure that all the bases are covered and that you and your contractor are in agreement.

Enjoy your new kitchen!




14 Sep

Top Reasons Why Bookkeeping is a Far More Exciting Career Than You Imagined!

People imagine bookkeeping, accountancy, and finance to be rather staid, stuffy, and boring careers. However, there are some elements to a career in finance and in particular bookkeeping Kent, that make it a far more exciting career than people and yourself, may have previously imagined possible!

  1. Digital Freedoms: Work Remotely

As the advent of finance and accounting software has grown and become more and more reliable, some finance professionals have found that they are more and more able to work remotely, meaning away from the physical office. Bookkeepers working in certain sectors are able to work as digital nomads, working overseas, but tending accounts for their clients in the UK. Imagine sitting on a beach while doing the figures for your clients: that is much nicer than a rainy commute and a stuffy office.

  1. A Healthy Mind Via Numbers and Figures!

Unbelievably enough, it has been scientifically proven that those who work with numbers and figures and generally exercise their minds, like accountants and bookkeepers do, actively lower their risk of developing early onset Alzheimer’s disease! How is that for a brain boosting mind game, going to work!

  1. Analyse This: Analytical Skills Are Hard to Beat

Accountants, Bookkeepers, and those who work daily with data analysis and financial concerns need to develop strong analytical skills. These analytical skills are in high demand across all sectors, not just finance. Developing these traits in bookkeeping can lead to exciting future prospects.


12 Sep

Compliance Audit Checklists and Programmes

Supervisors, managers, auditors and compliance professionals will use a number of checklists and programmes during the process of launching, reviewing, controlling, assessing and auditing the main components of the corporate compliance area. These components include ethics, corporate procedures and policies, and compliance procedures and policies. The following checklists and programmes are use in compliance auditing, although they are obviously customised and reviewed before they are used in any corporate environment.

  • Corporate governance and internal control systems audit programme

This is an assessment of senior executive management procedures and practices for overseeing internal controls and monitoring corporate governance.

  • Compliance control framework assessment

This assessment covers the organisational structure to ensure it is not too complex or simple. That way the correct amount of information is getting through and activities can be monitored correctly.

  • Records management checklist

A checklist to ensure operational manuals and guidelines have been introduced and communicated to everyone in the organisation.

  • Corporate procedures and policies checklist

This checklist makes sure that compliance rules, policies, procedures and guidelines have been established and are being followed.

  • Internal audit checklist

If there is an internal audit department, this checklist is necessary.

  • Ethics management checklist

To ensure there is a code of ethics in all departments.

  • Financial management system checklist

This checklist is to ensure the organisation has either an outsourced firm such as professional accountants in Kent, or a system for organising financial data properly.

  • Corporate fraud management system checklist

Sometimes within the ethics checklist, this ensures there are statements to avoid fraud.



17 Dec

Toilet Buying Tips For Renovations

Toilets are part of a household and having an appropriate toilet model to suit the requirements of the household is a necessity. There are a number of varieties of toilet models on the market that can be installed in quality bathrooms and doing an amount of research before making an installation into a bathroom or somewhere else in the house can make all the difference to a trouble-free system.

Toilets may be large or small, high or low, have different bowl measurements and different bowl flushing actions. The cistern itself can also vary, it may be a high-water user or low water user, it may also have adjustments on it for this issue. Whatever the design of toilet model you might choose to install in your home make sure you do research necessary to get the right one.

Toilets can be a high user of water for any home and this is another thing to take into consideration when researching the best for your use. There are flushing efficiency tests which can be checked and this can help in choosing the right model. However, some models that are very water efficient may have the side effect of not flushing the bowl properly and there is the possibility of stain build up as well as the clogging of pipes. Toilet paper can also add to this problem where the right amount of water is not used to correctly flush debris away. Toilet paper of the 3ply variety when heavily used can cause blockages if enough water is not able to move the debris through the outlet pipe.

Pressure assisted instead of gravity type toilets can prove effective if this is a problem. They are more costly and present more noise but can release water under pressure for minimising this problem.




15 Dec

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Builder

When looking to hire builders in Watford for any type of construction work it is best to do some research or homework before proceeding. This research may help to find a builder who has the qualification to construct your project to a high standard in a timely and cost effective way.

A number of things that you might find worth checking are:

  • Does the builder have a licence? Only work with licensed tradespeople. An internet check will find builders with licenses.
  • Home Indemnity Insurance covers the problems that may involve death of the builder, defaulting on debt payment, or the builder disappearing before construction is completed.
  • Confirming the professional reliability of the builder by checking with a building commission relevant to your construction.
  • Is the builder from your local area? He will generally know the tradespeople in that area and will know those to hire if wanting work kept to a certain standard.
  • Have a maintenance period for correcting any problems that may arise after the construction process. A recommendation of six months for residential property and commercial property, twelve to eighteen months.
  • Supervision on the construction site helps make sure work is done to a high standard. Check about this supervision process.
  • Check with a prospective builder for viewing work he has completed in the past. This type of feedback helps with the decision of who to hire.
  • How many projects does your prospective builder have going? Your project may or may not get finished on time. Check with others who have hired the builder on construction finishing times.

The construction of any building is an investment. It can run smoothly or be an emotional and financial strain. Research and homework will help to minimise this when done properly.


14 Dec

Tile Floor Buying Guide For Beginners

When looking for flooring for a home one has to first decide what would be best suited to the design of the house. Some of the most durable and hardwearing floor mediums are stone type material and tiles. These substances are able to stand up to the stresses of the normal household and correctly installed can last the time of the house.

Stone has a natural beauty but also a toughness that gives it a fitting place as a flooring material. Tiles have the colours, texture and patterns that are also a suitable flooring choice.  There are many types of stone materials these can include the flagstone, marble, granite, slate and a number of others. Designer tiles are a clay product produced from a firing process to harden the finished material. There is also the stone tile which is an aggregate material made from stone finished in a polymer binder. The stone tile is an alternative to the other products.

The glazed tile is much thicker than the unglazed tile used on counter tops and walls, due to processes in the firing of the tile. These tiles are available in many different colours, sheens and finishes. The glazed tile is the best tile for flooring as it is a much harder product than the unglazed tile. These tiles are water resistant, hardwearing and have a smooth surface.

Downsides may be the coldness, if wet may be slippery and are known to break fragile items dropped on them. There are many different sizes from the very small to the very large. Tile and stone can be sealed for further moisture and stain resistance. Tiles have a slipperiness rating for flooring, or friction co-efficient, which is a good idea to check before making a choice of tiles for a floor.


13 Dec

What To Look For In An IT Support Company?

IT support companies can provide their clients with a great number of advantages. However when you’re searching through the many IT services companies London and you’re having problems deciding which one is the best solution to your needs, this expert guide will give you a rundown on what you should look for when hiring an IT support company.

  1. Do They Understand Your Needs?

The first thing to consider is whether they understand your needs. Each individual business requires different IT solutions and your IT support company should be able to understand what it is you need within a very short amount of time. If they don’t you might need to look elsewhere.

  1. Do They Offer An Abundance Of Services?

The next thing that you need to consider is the services they provide. An IT support company should specialise in a number of different IT areas. They should have many services which are suitable for a large variety of applications.

  1. Compare Costs

IT support companies all offer their services at different prices. It’s a good idea to find one that is affordable but still has the capacity to handle large IT applications.


When it comes to an IT support company, there’s so many things that you need to look into. As you can see above you can easily find a company that’s just right for all your needs. So, have you found your IT service company?





02 Nov

What Not To Do When Buying Bifolding Doors

The purchase of a bifolding door is a big decision. There’s many on offer from leading bifold door Essex suppliers which can provide professional installation of the door with ease. When purchasing your doors, you’ve probably heard about all the things you should be doing, but what about the things you shouldn’t be doing? Here’s a guide to what you shouldn’t do when selecting your bifolding door.

  1. Don’t Pay Until The Balance Is Complete – When having your doors installed, never pay the complete balance owing until the doors are fully installed. Some companies may not install them as fast or as efficiently as you want them if you pay beforehand. With money owning they’ll be more inclined to finish the job.
  2. Don’t Buy On Price Alone – Never buy your doors on price alone. The price of the door doesn’t dictate the quality of the door. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Always check the doors and their prices and compare what you’ll be getting to what you’ll be spending.
  3. Avoid External Tracks – Where possible try to avoid external tracks. These types of bifold may look out of place. Ones that integrate the track within the door frame is perfect for providing a seamless look.


As you can see there’s a few things you shouldn’t do when choosing a bifold door. By taking the time to find out what not to do you’ll be able to find a door in no time at all. So are you ready to look for your bifold?



01 Nov

Things You Should Expect From Your Digital Media Agency

When wanting to gain more popularity and increase your identity in the world of business with your customers it’s important that you hire the right digital agency that can provide you with the right level of marketing. Media buying is a popular choice these days. Many digital media agency companies offer a number of different solutions that can help your overall efforts. So what should you expect from your digital media agency? Let’s take a look.

Track Everything

Your media buying company should be able to provide tracking of all advertising and marketing solutions they provide you in their services. Tracking how your advertising efforts are going are important to ensure you’re getting the exposure you want from the money you’re spending. Don’t be afraid to ask about how things are going because you’re entitled to it.

Expands Your Advertising Opportunities.

A digital agency should also be able to expand your advertising opportunities for you to gain more exposure for your business. This is important because it ensures your place in the business world. Don’t be afraid to ask about other great media buying deals as this will help you to branch out more and advertise to more people.


Your media buying agency should be creative with how they market your business. Creativity is the success of any business. The more creative you are the more chances you’ll receive to gain more customers.


When it comes to hiring a digital media agency, as you can see there’s a few different things that you should expect, so have you found an agency to do what you need them to?


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